2010 FLASHBACK: Jeff Dauler, meet the ‘Jersey Shore.’ Will he stay or leave Q100?

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed January 6, 2010

This is what happens when Jeff Dauler has time to spare. Off the air since Monday from the Bert Show, he is in negotiations to come back but there has been a stalemate.

He explains the situation on his Web site today via  metaphor using MTV’s watercooler show “Jersey Shore.”

The show premise is basically “Real World: Jersey Shore,” with all the members of the home Italians-Americans who proudly call themselves “Guidos” and “Guidettes.” They party harty, drink a lot, hook up and break up with boyfriends and girlfriends and get into physical altercations at bars. They also work at a T-shirt shop.

Anyway, Dauler is at some sort of impasse with Q100’s owners Cumulus Media over a new contract. He gave us some insight through this metaphor.

Dauler, in the story, plays the Situation. Yes, there’s a dude who calls himself the Situation, which has something to do with his rock-hard abs. (Jeff’s abs? Probably not so rock hard.) He works at the boardwalk T-shirt shop with the rest of the “Jersey Shore” gang. He is popular. He sells lots of T shirts. Danny, the owner of the shop (err… Cumulus’ John Dickey?), last July offered him a raise and a three-year deal.

But the Situation hadn’t checked out other T-shirt shops in a long time and decided to do some comparison shopping. He told Danny he’d see what the competitors had to say but his expectation was he’d be back. He got some deals that were better and worse than Danny’s. One was in California, some outside the T-shirt biz. But he decided the best thing to do was stay.

He was about to meet up with Danny when another T-shirt shop offered him a deal down the street. (The rumor is the other T-shirt shop is Star 94, but the metaphor doesn’t get detailed enough to convey how it would work over there. Would he join Cindy & Ray? Or go it alone? And if so, when?). The money was comparable and he’d have the freedom to strike out and do something new. But he loved his friends at the “Jersey Shore” (err…the Bert Show) so he went to Danny and said he’d take the original offer.

Problem: Danny rescinded the original offer. He  replaced it with a much shorter contract and less money. Bye bye raise. The Situation didn’t like the situation. He begged Danny to place the original offer back on the table. Instead, Danny took the Situation’s posters off the store’s walls (just like Q100 wiped Jeff’s name off the Web site last week.).

So Danny felt he had no choice but to go to the other T shirt shop. He was getting used to the idea. But he heard how much his “Jersey Shore” mates missed him and he realized how much he’d miss them. Most customers were bummed, too.

And the story ends with him returning to Danny for one last plea. What happens? “To be continued,” he writes. So we don’t know yet what Jeff decided to do.

Even if Jeff goes to, say, Star 94, he has a noncompete clause. Most non-compete clauses in radio are six months in length.

His blog says he should know by tomorrow. Bert Weiss tweeted that he will have an announcement at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Significant update regarding jeff, the bert show and Q100. Will cover it for the first time at 730 tomorrow am.

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