Kim Zolciak forced to withdraw from ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Kim Zolciak's journey on "Dancing With the Stars" is over due to health concerns and flying. CREDIT: ABC

Kim Zolciak’s journey on “Dancing With the Stars” is over due to health concerns and flying. CREDIT: ABC

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Monday, September 28, 2015

Atlanta-based reality star Kim Zolciak, five days removed from a mini-stroke, was forced to withdraw from “Dancing With the Stars” Monday night because doctors told her she shouldn’t fly.

Doctors recommended she not go into a pressurized cabin so soon after the stroke. Although she was able to leave the hospital Friday and practice her TV-theme “I Dream of Jeannie” dance with Tony Dovolani over the weekend, she could not fly on Monday. Via Skype on live TV, she told the show if she had lived closer to Los Angeles, like Las Vegas, she could have driven there and was ready to go. But Atlanta was obviously too far to drive.

Host Tom Bergeron said the rules are clear. If a contestant cannot perform due to medical issues, said contestant must withdraw from the competition. The crowd booed and he said the lawyers would not change their minds or make an exception for Zolciak.

This season, Zolciak performed three dances over three episodes the first two weeks. After a slow-motion salsa that scored a mere 12 points from the judges, she recovered with quickstep that drew a 19 and a foxtrot that brought in an 18. She said she felt more comfortable dancing with Dovolani and improved accordingly.

But the mini-stroke, which was caused by a blood clot, led to her premature departure from the show. She was at Northside Hospital for three days.

It’s no secret I’m not a huge fan of Zolciak. (The feeling is mutual. She has me blocked on Twitter.). But I can’t believe anyone would think she would stage this to gain sympathy points. (Hello? Wendy Williams?) This sounds as legit as can be. We can only hope she takes the proper steps to prevent anything like this from happening again any time soon. She has a husband and six kids and she’s only 37. I’m sure they want her around a lot longer.

Savannah’s Paula Deen and singer Andy Grammer were the lowest rung dancers Monday night but since Zolciak was out, nobody was eliminated.

For the first time, two dancers got 9s across the board: Alexa PenaVega and Nick Carter.


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Drama....I agree with Wendy Williams....I'm surprised she didn't faint on the dance floor to get out of dancing....she had a "stroke" of good genius last night


It could be too dangerous for her to continue at this point. Better for her to do what she has to for her health.


Good.  We don't need the drama she brings. Survey America and the majority would agree with me that it is very hard to believe she really had a stroke. I'm not doubting something happened, but a stroke?  Not buying it. I know people who have had strokes, including a parent, and there is no way that 1) her doctor would clear her for that kind of physical exertion, or 2) she or her husband would take a chance on risking her life for  some spotlight time, although Kim would go to great lengths to get some face time.


@JHH0718 She never brought drama. She left the RHOA due to the drama. 

I have a neighbor who is 42 years and he had 2 mini strokes and they do after a week clear you to fly as he travels a lot even out of the country. Because his job requires travel he will eventually go on disability because its too much.