‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap (‘Jamaican Me Crazy’): season 6, episode 13

Jessica Dime (on the right in white) goes after Tresure P, who has already gotten jumped by Tommie Lee in a previous episode.

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Tresure P has not appeared to make any friends with “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” crew and her appearance in Jamaica did not help her chances of sticking around on this show very long.

The Houston transplant came in hard for Jessica Dime, Tommie Lee and Lovely Mimi when she arrived this season. Her efforts to attach herself to Yung Joc as an “intern” at Streetz 94.5 has not gone smoothly either. Joc brought her on the Jamaica trip to make Karlie Redd jealous. It backfired. Tresure ended up trying to offer up some dirt to Rasheeda regarding Kirk Frost’s side chick Jasmine that raised her hackles. And Dime got fired up, too, so much so that she did Rasheeda’s bidding and attacked Tresure. This clearly came out of nowhere because the security guards were a bit late to the game to intervene.

Later, Tresure acts all high and mighty to Joc, saying these women are fake and can’t handle the truth.

So she leaves the country and goes back to Atlanta.


Once Tresure’s was gone, the waters calmed down.

Tammy and Waka Flocka appeared to be on the mend as a couple. Yung Joc apologized to Karlie over his shenanigans.

Most notably, Shawne came to the island late and proposed to Dime, much to her surprise.

She naturally said yes. “I just feel so good at this point and I’m so happy to become Mrs Williams,” she said.

We have no back story to how they got together or seen any of the courtship so this emotional moment for Dime doesn’t really hit home for viewers.

But it does end the episode on a positive note.

Other story lines:

  • Joseline decides to stay in Atlanta – of course – instead of moving to Miami. She is even considering moving back in with Stevie J, a move that will clearly peeve Mimi Faust. She also gets annoyed with Amazing Mimi for pulling a “Karlie Redd” by getting in her business about Tommie. Don’t mess with Joseline: you will get burned.
  • Logan, Jasmine’s ex boyfriend, shows up at Jasmine’s job – a strip club. She avoids him and has a security guard intervene. She claims she hasn’t been with him in ages and he’s “stalking” her. Is he? Rodney, who is staying with Jasmine and Keanna in a threesome situation, wonders if Logan is a plant by Kirk to take heat off Kirk. Plus, he wonders if Jasmine is not being truthful when she says she hasn’t been with Logan since high school.


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B. Wade
B. Wade

The African American community, doesn't need another stigma attached to it, the producers of this show and the others like it, need to make an complete circle. Stop placing African Americans in a negative stereotypical  view. I think it's sad for our youth to grow up viewing such character's  not becoming of what our true culture reflects. We are not all fans of  ladies fighting, name calling and grossly inflated egos. Please do our next generation a favor, find  shows of substance. Shows that entertain, as well as teach, with a great story line, trust me, it well do our youth far more good, then this mess, that plays season after season, with the same stereotypical  story line.

Deb Dyson
Deb Dyson

Dime was on the money, Treasure was a damn fool. why was she talking about being a married man's side piece in a group of married or couples and why did she want someone to know she was a hoe. this chick is so stupid it can't be real. That's what Joc gets playing games, played himself. Kudo's to Dime.