CBS46 hires six new reporters and producers

Two Atlantans are coming to CBS46 as new employees: Alicia Roberts (left) from the Braves and Jennifer Whalen from CNN/HLN. CREDIT: Social media profile photos

Posted on Thursday, October 5, 2017 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk

With a spate of departures, CBS46 has hired six people to fill open spots:

  • Jonathan Carlson becomes Chief Investigative Reporter. Carlson comes from WXYZ-TV in Detroit where he was an investigative reporter.
  • Alicia Roberts becomes a Multimedia Journalist (MMJ), which means she will do all her own video work on top of being in front of the camera. Roberts comes from the Atlanta Braves where she was an on-air talent.
  • Jasmina Alston will also become a Multimedia Journalist (MMJ).  Alston comes from WBMA-TV in Birmingham, AL where she was also an MMJ.
  • Jennifer Whalen will become a Producer/Writer/Multimedia Journalist (MMJ).  Whalen comes from CNN/HLN where she was a producer.
  • Phil Landeros becomes a Senior Executive Producer.  Landeros comes from WOFL-TV in Orlando, FL.
  • Howard Dorsey takes over as Dayside Executive Producer.  Dorsey has worked at stations in Charlotte, Houston, New York, Raleigh, Philadelphia and Dallas.

Here are some other recent departures from CBS46, which has a new news director Steve Doerr. He replaced Frank Volpicella, now in Jacksonville at WJXT as a managing editor:


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Atlanta media is obviously Soooo anti-white male. There should be lawsuits after every new hire.


No white males hired?.

What a shock in 2017.

We're living in a reverse racist society.

It's ok to hire white females, along with blacks, Latins, etc.

But God forbid a more qualified, white male is available.

It's all about the diversity in media.

Reverse racism.

Two wrongs have never made a right, people.


@HotDawg Are you stupid, or too lazy to do any research, or do you just like to stir up trouble, or all of the above? Two of the three men that were just hired are white. Are they not white enough?