Joseline Hernandez predicts ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ will ‘crumble’ without her

This the last we saw of Joseline Hernandez on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” season six.

Posted Saturday, October 21, 2017 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk

Joseline Hernandez has a healthy ego. She always thought she was the straw that stirred the soapy drink that is “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” So now that she’s gone, she isn’t hiding her contempt for creator Mona Scott-Young and many of the co stars.

She recently told Tegna’s Atlanta-based morning chat show “Sister Circle” (seen locally on both 11Alive and TV One) that her departure will basically cause the show to collapse on itself. The seventh season will return next year minus Joseline, who left, upset by how she was portrayed. (And it didn’t help that she had alienated almost every other cast member and had become increasingly uncooperative with producers. Even VH1 airing a sympathetic baby special didn’t mollify her.)

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“You ever played that game where [when] you take a piece out, everything crumbles?” she asked. “I’ma tell you what happens [to] ‘Love & Hip Hop‘ ‘without Joseline Hernandez. It’s like the Jenga game. Take that one piece out, you all gone.”

Yes, she is the type of person who references herself in the third person.

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