TV briefs: Cynne Simpson of Fox 5 taking break; Duffie Dixon left 11Alive

Posted Friday, January 12, 2018 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV talk blog

Fox 5 evening anchor Cynne Simpson last week posted a note on her public Facebook page saying she was taking a few weeks off for unspecified health reasons.

“This year,” she wrote, “I’m resolving to prioritize my health above all else and I’m taking a few weeks off in that pursuit.”

She did not provide a specific return date.

Simpson joined Fox 5 in 2013, replacing Amanda Davis, who died two weeks ago of a sudden stroke.


Duffie Dixon’s Twitter image.

11Alive’s Duffie Dixon’s contract was not renewed last fall. She is now seeking new employment. She worked as a reporter at the station for nearly 14 years.

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I will miss Duffie Dixon. She was plenty of talent; and WXIA and CBS46 could stand to have some great talent with lots of experience at their stations. #ageism should be against the law